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Owner David Patrick is a highly experienced auto technician, with over 30 years in the automotive industry. He began working at his father’s service station at the tender age of thirteen. As his interest in cars grew, so did his appetite for learning. He learned a great deal by assisting the mechanics working in his fathers shops. After graduating high school in 1980, He attended Manatee Area Technical College for auto mechanics. He attended class during the day, and worked as night manager at his Dad’s service station.

David entered the U.S. Army in 1984. He graduated from initial entry training at Ft. Dix N.J. Was honor graduate from advanced individual training in gas turbine engine driven generators at Ft. Belvoir VA. David also graduated with honors from 1st Coscom Basic Leadership course, and was a Commandants list graduate from 18th Airborne Corps N.C.O. Academy. Other awards received ; Parachutists’ Badge, Expert Rifleman Badge, Mechanics Badge, Army Good Conduct Medal, Army Achievement Medal(2), Army Commendation Medal, and Mr. Patrick was the first soldier in the history of the 44th Medical Brigade to receive the ECSB (Expert combat survivability badge).

In 1987 after being honorably discharged from military service, David resumed his passion for all things automotive. Managing a service station in Bradenton Fl. David also found time to pursue his love of Asian martial arts, earning black belts in Karate and Jujutsu. Having been an ASE Certified Technician since 1982, David achieved master auto certification status in 1988. By 1992 David was managing a fast paced, high volume auto repair center in Longboat Key Florida. In order to keep his training current, David attended many aftermarket classes, and was a regular trainee at the Sarasota GM Training Center night courses.

In 1996, David and his wife Shelly embarked on a new adventure when they moved to the mountains of western North Carolina. David took a job with a local new car dealership. While learning the nuances of working at one of only two joint Ford and GM dealerships in the country, David again threw himself into his work and took advantage of any and all training opportunities. He visited the GM training Center in Charlotte, the AC Delco training facility in Greenville SC. As well as participating in Fordstar training.

After a stint as an import car technician, David settled in at a local independent Tech-net repair center for the next ten years. Always looking to improve himself, David began training with CTI under Jim Garrido in 2007. Having read Jim’s monthly column in Motor Age magazine and a mutual fascination with automotive technology was the basis for a fast friendship. Quickly becoming interested in mobile auto diagnostics, David rode with Jim on his route in Winston Salem on more one occasion.

Chasing yet another personal goal, David started his own mobile auto service. Blue Sky Auto Diagnostics was born in early 2010. This service will provide factory level diagnostics and flash programming for auto, transmission, and body repair shops in the region. In addition to his passion for diagnosing tough to fix cars, David has developed a Love for sharing his hard-won knowledge. David has served as a martial arts instructor for many years. Last November He created a PowerPoint case study which he presented to Standard Motor Products. Through this endeavor David gained a new appreciation for the art of public speaking. Always looking for new avenues for personal growth, David joined the local Toastmasters club in 2009. David has served in many roles in club #436 and was recently appointed as a club officer. With a passion for excellence in whatever he undertakes, I believe David would be a valuable addition to any team.

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