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Blue Sky Auto Diagnostics Services

Blue Sky Auto Diagnostics provides a much-needed service in today’s automotive industry. Many shops are bogged down with vehicles that have tough to find electronic problems. Their options are:

  1. give up and let the customer take vehicle somewhere else
  2. trudge along, spending countless hours trying to find the “needle in a haystack”, or
  3. Blue Sky Auto Diagnostics will be ready to step in, and take care of the “headache” cars so shops don’t have to lose customers to the competition, (new car dealer), or have their reputation tarnished by misdiagnosis.

With all vehicles becoming increasingly complex, there are a myriad of microprocessors on board. These processors occasionally have problems like any other type of computer. Often, the fix is to replace the modules’ programming with a “reflash” or reprogram. Likewise, when a processor (computer) fails, the replacement unit will need to be flash programmed as well.

Traditionally, these services have only been available through one of the new car dealers, requiring independent shops to drive, or even tow a vehicle in for this function. Blue Sky Auto Diagnostics offers an alternative to “dealer only” flash programming in our area. For a lesser fee, we will also offer “Tech Advice” via phone or internet.

Overview of diagnostic services for Domestic, Asian and European vehicles:

  • Engine Performance Diagnostics
  • Check Engine Lights
  • Transmission Electronic Systems
  • Anti Lock Brake Systems
  • Air Bag Systems
  • Evaporative Emissions Systems & Smoke Testing
  • Body Electronic Systems
  • Climate Control Systems
  • Wiring Harness Troubleshooting
  • Flash Programming
  • Security Keys & Systems Programmed

All diagnostics are 100% guaranteed!

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