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Blue Sky Auto Diagnostics Equipment

Bosch Tech II
GM, Saab, & Suzuki Factory Scan Tool
Snap On Modis 10.4 Generic Scanner, Data Base, & 4 Channel Lab Scope
Ford Integrated Diagnostic System Ford, Lincoln, Mercury, & Mazda Factory Scan Tool
Choosing Parameters for viewing on the Ford/Mazda IDS
Fluke 88 DMM with a complete array of test probes for testing any vehicle electronics
Complete repair kit for vehicle electrical connectors and wiring harness
Always well stocked with a wide array of the latest factory test equipment
Van is completely self contained for remote
Diagnostic Services
My Truck is equipped for quick access to tools for all Diagnostic possibilities
I am prepared to work underhood or under car to solve even the toughest problems
Smoke Wizard Evap/Diagnostic Smoke Machine and Snap On Video Inspection Scope 
I have access to multiple service information
systems & the ability to print/e-mail/fax any required information

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Independently Owned & Operated Mobile Diagnostic Service. Fully Insured.
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