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Blue Sky Auto Diagnostics Fee Schedule

  • Minimum $95.00 testing fee for the first hour.
  • If additional time is required this time will be billed in 1/4th of an hour increments at a rate of $75.00/hr hour with the total charge not exceeding $285.00 per vehicle defect.
  • $95.00 for flash programming.
  • If I cannot guarantee a positive diagnoses at the completion of testing there will be NO Charges incurred.
  • All diagnoses come with a money back guarantee.
  • I will buy back any suggested parts installed at your cost. Parts invoice must be presented at time of refund.
  • Guarantee on diagnoses is good for 30 days.
  • All charges are due upon receipt of service.
  • If the vehicle is not exhibiting the stated intermittent problem upon arrival for service of up to $170.00 - 2 hour charge may be assessed for preliminary testing.
  • A separate return visit diagnostic charge will be assessed for defective or mis-installed parts.
  • There will be a $40.00 charge on all appointments not cancelled within at least a 2 hour notice.

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